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:: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 ::

the thought offering

:: 5:50 AM [+] ::

:: Sunday, July 06, 2003 ::
great news (okay, maybe just for me)!: i've been selected as a beta tester for a new blog system!

the new site is: http://thoughtoffering.blogs.com/thoughts/

if you have me saved as: http://www.thoughtoffering.org this will always take you to the correct address

anything before now is only archived on this current site, though

this new change means lots of new features, including comments... so you can start making comments on particular posts without e-mailing me! see you over there

:: 7:42 PM [+] ::

films: three films i really want to see are about to close, therefore i believe i'll need to plan some desperate viewing: my terrorist and the human weapon and the 6-hour La Commune i'll go to the first two tonight, because they're on later and so won't be too hot, i'll do the third on wednesday because it'll be cooler... ...okay maybe that's being too ambitious, considering that now i've got two sets of plans already for today and two already for wednesday... hope there's a good video rental place in brisol! (i'm sure there is)

:: 10:05 AM [+] ::

do this now: think about what little bit more you could do

today at the u.n.: The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has begun to evacuate a first group of more than 300 Sierra Leonean refugees from strife-torn Liberia, and if the ceasefire there holds the agency says it will broaden the repatriation effort.

common dreams: 130 U.S. Communities Saying No to Repression

brit bit: Disaster! Funk and Wagnall's Dictionary (Isaac K Funk, editor-in-chief), that big fat intellectual stimulus, sustenance and solace of Smallweed's old age, has been swept from the shelves of Sutton library, south London. There it once reliably lurked should you need to look up some word like appurtenance, tamp, or heteroscedasticity, providing an American comparison to its standard English counterparts. But suddenly it is gone. O mayor and corporation and burghers of Sutton, do you realise what you have done? True, there are spanking new Oxford dictionaries arrayed on your shelves, and something had to be lost to make way for them: but why single out poor Funk for the slaughter? -- more from smallweed

the good news: The Israeli Government has decided in principle to release more Palestinian prisoners. -- read more here

los animales: PETA Picks the Best Veggie Burgers in America

In recognition of the tremendous growth and popularity of veggie burgers, PETA is proud to present the first-ever Golden Bun Awards for veggie burger excellence! Sales of frozen veggie burgers now exceed $200 million, and more than a dozen national and international restaurant chains offer veggie burgers on their menus. During this summer's celebrations, more North Americans than ever will be grilling veggie burgers instead of fat-laden burgers made of animals who suffered on factory farms and in slaughterhouses. Learn which primo patties made the cut. -- read more here join peta here

tto: my favorite one is from burger king in the uk

today in bristol: Winger Brendon Daniel joins the exodus from Bristol, signing for the Shoguns' local rivals Bath. -- excuse me?

so far today on staten island: felt exhausted at 10pm last night but couldn't sleep until after 1a and the kids got me up at 7a good thing though because when i went outside shortly after it was already TOO HOT sheesh i think it's worse than las cruces at 8am and that's saying something nicole comes over in 5 1/2 hours plenty of time to get the food together clean up a bit have a shower eat and listen to Forgotten Female Fossilists and Night and Day by Virginia Woolf

today in kingswinford: a. commented that he has a ton of words already for a new paper he has begun as i always say when a. sneezes that's about 1000 words right there people always complain that my stuff is too skeletal and needs to fleshed out (why do we say fleshed out? that sounds like 'taking the flesh out' and if it's already skeletal, then the flesh has already been taken out...) whereas a. always needs to cut because his papers are too long i think it will be good when we work together i can write the first draft and then he can flesh it out and then i can edit and so on anyway a. was on his way out to his weekly Sunday meal with his parents

Listening: to the a.c. work it's lovely wonders

countdown to flight: 9 days
countdown to bristol: 15 days
countdown to new home: 26 days (assuming we find a place in 16 days)

feed the animals everyday!: click here

next moon void of course: Monday 6:23a-Tuesday (Monday night) 12:43a ET -- uk +5 hrs, nm/co -2

:: 8:40 AM [+] ::

:: Saturday, July 05, 2003 ::
A b o u t I t A l l . c o m | O r e g o n

September 11th 2003 Photo Blog

:: 9:14 PM [+] ::

check this out: i've added the free blogrolling service -- it's on the left where i list favorite blogs

:: 8:58 PM [+] ::

yummy: amy just told me about a place that delivers indian food so my being-stuck-in-the-apartment day is about to get exciting!!

:: 6:15 PM [+] ::

biovolunteering: this is not complete and doesn't include little events and walks :: candy striper :: hospice ::hospice:: literacy teacher:: coming up: membership secretary!

:: 5:46 PM [+] ::

biowork: coke vendor :: sandwich maker :: catering assistant :: pharmacy office assistant :: office worker :: fryer :: office worker :: research assistant :: research assistant :: office worker :: office worker personal assistant waitress :: hostess and cocktail waitress :: nan ny :: flower girl :: graduate assistant :: relay operator for the deaf :: master control engineer :: homemaker/companion for people with AIDS :: office temp :: coordinator of volunteers :: spirituality/activities assistant :: research assistant :: teaching assistant :: administrative secretary :: webmistress :: managing editor :: adjunct economics instructor :: adjunct economics instructor :: adjunct economics instructor :: next up: to be announced!

:: 5:30 PM [+] ::

more good news: Animal rights activists have stripped naked to protest against the running of bulls through the northern Spanish city of Pamplona. -- pics here!

:: 3:31 PM [+] ::

cleaning up: have a bunch of stuff in my inbox that have been meaning to read and post so here goes some summer cleaning...

incentive for women to gain weight?: Men can choose any woman over the age of 16 to be their symbolic wife for the event.

The winners claim prizes including the wife's weight in beer.

The festival originated in the 19th century when it was common practice in Finland to steal women from neighbouring villages. -- what the?? read more about wife carrying here

tto: today's competition in finland has a winner but i can't find a link to it, only heard it on the radio

vote woman: Progressives, people of color, and women advocates, stuck in the doldrums of Bush's America, should look toward Scotland and Wales for relief. Grounded in new "full representation" voting systems that provide multi-party democracy, elections this May showed the value of voting system reform.

In contrast to the United States, where the number of women in Congress is stuck at 14 percent and declining in state legislatures, the Welsh assembly became the first parliament in the world in which women make up 50 percent of members.-- more from Steven Hill

a fairy tale: I have stopped reading newspapers these days. It makes me feel like a puppet on a string. The papers say black is white and white is black. They tell me armed occupation is liberation and genocide brings prosperity.

They tell me old civilisations must be destroyed and spanking new civilisations can be built from the rubble of human remains. The papers say they are only repeating what they have heard from others, but they never tell me whose voice they are hearing and whether what they are hearing is right or wrong. That is not their job, the papers argue. If they cannot tell the difference between black and white and if it is not their job to tell right from wrong, they are of no use to me.

I turn to fairy tales instead. I read the fascinating tale of two dragons, Dragon America and Dragon Europe. Dragon America is ageing and afraid that his rival, Dragon Europe, is going to oust his unbridaled authority over the entire realm. Dragon America is hungry and out for a hunt. He storms out of his den spewing cluster bombs and Daisy bombs and all sorts of fiery devices. He swallows Palestine with relative ease and that whips up a dreadful appetite for more prey. Libya, Lebanon and other smaller creatures, he tramples over. He swallows Afghanistan, then Iraq, Syria, Iran, North Korea, swats Philippines and then rips up Indonesia, turns to India. Dragon Europe sits watching with curiosity and interest. -- read more of Radha D'souzaps tale

imagining real change: I think "the movement" is only in the making. For the moment, it is nothing but the multitude of local movements and people committed in different ways to defend life from capitalist aggression, and who are beginning to realize that some sort of global articulation is needed, and to explore ways to do so. The movement is our desire to make the movement come true; it is diffuse, but powerful at the same time.

I believe we are witnessing the first steps of a new wave in the history of human emancipation. The movement draws from a long tradition of anti-capitalist struggles, but it is also new and different in many ways. However, its new features are still hard to perceive, and we can only guess what it will look like. For my forthcoming book Anticapitalismo para Principiantes (Anti-capitalism for Beginners), I made the effort to imagine how the movement will be, and in which respects it will distance itself from that tradition. I have summarized the key "mutations" of the movement in eight "words" -- find out what Ezequiel Adamovsky's words are

plug for Z: the above three articles were sent to me via e-mail because i am a ZNet Sustainer... it's great bit of great writing when you're feeling helpless, want to be inspired, want to feel connected with the wider sanity -- click here to find out more

:: 3:25 PM [+] ::

more 4th wisdom: When I was in highschool, people went on and on about school pride. Somehow we were supposed to be special or something just because we attended Robert E Lee High School in Tyler, Texas. There were cheers and pep rallys and fights between the schools. I never understood that back then. After all, my attendance at that school had nothing to do with my choice. It just happened that my parents chose to live in a neighborhood that was part of that district. It just made no sense to get worked up over "school pride". Well today, I sort of view nationalism that way. Every day I wake up, eat, drink, work, play, go to the restroom etc... just like every other human on this planet. What makes me a citizen of the US? Heck, my parents happened to live here when i was born, and the same for their parents. Government was created to provide for defence and to ensure the safety and well being of it's citizens. But what makes me special just because i was born in a particular location? What unmitigated gall for someone to believe they are somehow special just because of that geographic location. -- jessi, a.k.a. labrysgrl

:: 3:03 PM [+] ::

read this now: Are you pleased with the coverage of the mainstream media? The closed debates, the "spin" on the current situation? The "spin" on the environment, WTO, etc? No..?? then click here

today at the u.n.: The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) announced today that the transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) appears to have been stopped all across the globe, but cautioned that the threat of future outbreaks remains.

common dreams: Bush's America -- Public Services at Risk as US States Face Financial Crisis

brit bit: Imagine that half a dozen German women had just claimed they had been gang-raped by British soldiers who were stationed in their country on exercise. Imagine that even when the women had reported the rapes the soldiers had been allowed to fly home and the incident was never investigated. Imagine that a few months later another such incident took place.

If such accusations were being made against British soldiers by European women, and if the women's stories were backed up by hospital and police records and compelling testimony from the traumatised young women, then the media would have gone into a frenzy - demanding to know how British soldiers could go on the rampage, and why officers were covering up for them. -- more from Natasha Walter

the good news: Labour could lose the next General Election unless Tony Blair returns to "core values," some members of his own party have warned. ... The group's policy demands include public investment in the public services rather than privatisation, increasing the basic state pension and restoring the link with earnings, scrapping tuition fees and restoring student grants, and promoting employment rights. -- read more here

los animales: Who Are the Sexiest Vegetarians Alive?

Is it beautiful Brad Pitt or hunky Henry Rollins? Sensational Shania Twain or divine India.Arie? The list goes on and on. So many celebrities are kicking the meat habit that it's hard to decide who the sexiest is. After all, what's sexier than someone who exudes both passion and compassion? We know that it's no small task to narrow the list of vegetarian delights to just one celebrity vegetarian beefcake and one flesh-free femme fatale-that's why we're asking you to decide, with our third annual "Sexiest Vegetarian Alive" poll. -- read more here join peta here

tto: i voted for natalie portman and chris martin

today in bristol: Crowds line the streets of St Pauls in Bristol as the traditional carnival returns. -- see the wonderful pictures here

so far today on staten island: you probably noticed lack of wee hours posting yes i finally went to sleep before 5am was probably out by 2am of course the kids decided to be extra bad and started begging for food at 4am and then 6am still i was up before 11:30a talked to a. and my mom and have very interested kittens poking their noses in my lunch perhaps they like veggie pot pies plan today is catch up on radio shows read a bit and then get all the food in boxes for nicole to pick up tomorrow

today in kingswinford: a. was eating chocolate cake in the garden when i called because of course he must eat something with his medication he'd been watching wimbledon but hadn't really done much he had chips for lunch yum in about an hour he goes to the pub and for a curry with his friends and the foot is much better

Listening: to tomas purr noisily in my ear

countdown to flight: 10 days
countdown to bristol: 16 days
countdown to new home: 27 days (assuming we find a place in 17 days)

feed the animals everyday!: click here

next moon void of course: today until 9:20p ET (trying not to think) -- uk +5 hrs, nm/co -2

:: 1:48 PM [+] ::

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