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:: Sunday, July 06, 2003 ::

great news (okay, maybe just for me)!: i've been selected as a beta tester for a new blog system!

the new site is: http://thoughtoffering.blogs.com/thoughts/

if you have me saved as: http://www.thoughtoffering.org this will always take you to the correct address

anything before now is only archived on this current site, though

this new change means lots of new features, including comments... so you can start making comments on particular posts without e-mailing me! see you over there

:: 7:42 PM [+] ::

films: three films i really want to see are about to close, therefore i believe i'll need to plan some desperate viewing: my terrorist and the human weapon and the 6-hour La Commune i'll go to the first two tonight, because they're on later and so won't be too hot, i'll do the third on wednesday because it'll be cooler... ...okay maybe that's being too ambitious, considering that now i've got two sets of plans already for today and two already for wednesday... hope there's a good video rental place in brisol! (i'm sure there is)

:: 10:05 AM [+] ::

do this now: think about what little bit more you could do

today at the u.n.: The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has begun to evacuate a first group of more than 300 Sierra Leonean refugees from strife-torn Liberia, and if the ceasefire there holds the agency says it will broaden the repatriation effort.

common dreams: 130 U.S. Communities Saying No to Repression

brit bit: Disaster! Funk and Wagnall's Dictionary (Isaac K Funk, editor-in-chief), that big fat intellectual stimulus, sustenance and solace of Smallweed's old age, has been swept from the shelves of Sutton library, south London. There it once reliably lurked should you need to look up some word like appurtenance, tamp, or heteroscedasticity, providing an American comparison to its standard English counterparts. But suddenly it is gone. O mayor and corporation and burghers of Sutton, do you realise what you have done? True, there are spanking new Oxford dictionaries arrayed on your shelves, and something had to be lost to make way for them: but why single out poor Funk for the slaughter? -- more from smallweed

the good news: The Israeli Government has decided in principle to release more Palestinian prisoners. -- read more here

los animales: PETA Picks the Best Veggie Burgers in America

In recognition of the tremendous growth and popularity of veggie burgers, PETA is proud to present the first-ever Golden Bun Awards for veggie burger excellence! Sales of frozen veggie burgers now exceed $200 million, and more than a dozen national and international restaurant chains offer veggie burgers on their menus. During this summer's celebrations, more North Americans than ever will be grilling veggie burgers instead of fat-laden burgers made of animals who suffered on factory farms and in slaughterhouses. Learn which primo patties made the cut. -- read more here join peta here

tto: my favorite one is from burger king in the uk

today in bristol: Winger Brendon Daniel joins the exodus from Bristol, signing for the Shoguns' local rivals Bath. -- excuse me?

so far today on staten island: felt exhausted at 10pm last night but couldn't sleep until after 1a and the kids got me up at 7a good thing though because when i went outside shortly after it was already TOO HOT sheesh i think it's worse than las cruces at 8am and that's saying something nicole comes over in 5 1/2 hours plenty of time to get the food together clean up a bit have a shower eat and listen to Forgotten Female Fossilists and Night and Day by Virginia Woolf

today in kingswinford: a. commented that he has a ton of words already for a new paper he has begun as i always say when a. sneezes that's about 1000 words right there people always complain that my stuff is too skeletal and needs to fleshed out (why do we say fleshed out? that sounds like 'taking the flesh out' and if it's already skeletal, then the flesh has already been taken out...) whereas a. always needs to cut because his papers are too long i think it will be good when we work together i can write the first draft and then he can flesh it out and then i can edit and so on anyway a. was on his way out to his weekly Sunday meal with his parents

Listening: to the a.c. work it's lovely wonders

countdown to flight: 9 days
countdown to bristol: 15 days
countdown to new home: 26 days (assuming we find a place in 16 days)

feed the animals everyday!: click here

next moon void of course: Monday 6:23a-Tuesday (Monday night) 12:43a ET -- uk +5 hrs, nm/co -2

:: 8:40 AM [+] ::

:: Saturday, July 05, 2003 ::
A b o u t I t A l l . c o m | O r e g o n

September 11th 2003 Photo Blog

:: 9:14 PM [+] ::

check this out: i've added the free blogrolling service -- it's on the left where i list favorite blogs

:: 8:58 PM [+] ::

yummy: amy just told me about a place that delivers indian food so my being-stuck-in-the-apartment day is about to get exciting!!

:: 6:15 PM [+] ::

biovolunteering: this is not complete and doesn't include little events and walks :: candy striper :: hospice ::hospice:: literacy teacher:: coming up: membership secretary!

:: 5:46 PM [+] ::

biowork: coke vendor :: sandwich maker :: catering assistant :: pharmacy office assistant :: office worker :: fryer :: office worker :: research assistant :: research assistant :: office worker :: office worker personal assistant waitress :: hostess and cocktail waitress :: nan ny :: flower girl :: graduate assistant :: relay operator for the deaf :: master control engineer :: homemaker/companion for people with AIDS :: office temp :: coordinator of volunteers :: spirituality/activities assistant :: research assistant :: teaching assistant :: administrative secretary :: webmistress :: managing editor :: adjunct economics instructor :: adjunct economics instructor :: adjunct economics instructor :: next up: to be announced!

:: 5:30 PM [+] ::

more good news: Animal rights activists have stripped naked to protest against the running of bulls through the northern Spanish city of Pamplona. -- pics here!

:: 3:31 PM [+] ::

cleaning up: have a bunch of stuff in my inbox that have been meaning to read and post so here goes some summer cleaning...

incentive for women to gain weight?: Men can choose any woman over the age of 16 to be their symbolic wife for the event.

The winners claim prizes including the wife's weight in beer.

The festival originated in the 19th century when it was common practice in Finland to steal women from neighbouring villages. -- what the?? read more about wife carrying here

tto: today's competition in finland has a winner but i can't find a link to it, only heard it on the radio

vote woman: Progressives, people of color, and women advocates, stuck in the doldrums of Bush's America, should look toward Scotland and Wales for relief. Grounded in new "full representation" voting systems that provide multi-party democracy, elections this May showed the value of voting system reform.

In contrast to the United States, where the number of women in Congress is stuck at 14 percent and declining in state legislatures, the Welsh assembly became the first parliament in the world in which women make up 50 percent of members.-- more from Steven Hill

a fairy tale: I have stopped reading newspapers these days. It makes me feel like a puppet on a string. The papers say black is white and white is black. They tell me armed occupation is liberation and genocide brings prosperity.

They tell me old civilisations must be destroyed and spanking new civilisations can be built from the rubble of human remains. The papers say they are only repeating what they have heard from others, but they never tell me whose voice they are hearing and whether what they are hearing is right or wrong. That is not their job, the papers argue. If they cannot tell the difference between black and white and if it is not their job to tell right from wrong, they are of no use to me.

I turn to fairy tales instead. I read the fascinating tale of two dragons, Dragon America and Dragon Europe. Dragon America is ageing and afraid that his rival, Dragon Europe, is going to oust his unbridaled authority over the entire realm. Dragon America is hungry and out for a hunt. He storms out of his den spewing cluster bombs and Daisy bombs and all sorts of fiery devices. He swallows Palestine with relative ease and that whips up a dreadful appetite for more prey. Libya, Lebanon and other smaller creatures, he tramples over. He swallows Afghanistan, then Iraq, Syria, Iran, North Korea, swats Philippines and then rips up Indonesia, turns to India. Dragon Europe sits watching with curiosity and interest. -- read more of Radha D'souzaps tale

imagining real change: I think "the movement" is only in the making. For the moment, it is nothing but the multitude of local movements and people committed in different ways to defend life from capitalist aggression, and who are beginning to realize that some sort of global articulation is needed, and to explore ways to do so. The movement is our desire to make the movement come true; it is diffuse, but powerful at the same time.

I believe we are witnessing the first steps of a new wave in the history of human emancipation. The movement draws from a long tradition of anti-capitalist struggles, but it is also new and different in many ways. However, its new features are still hard to perceive, and we can only guess what it will look like. For my forthcoming book Anticapitalismo para Principiantes (Anti-capitalism for Beginners), I made the effort to imagine how the movement will be, and in which respects it will distance itself from that tradition. I have summarized the key "mutations" of the movement in eight "words" -- find out what Ezequiel Adamovsky's words are

plug for Z: the above three articles were sent to me via e-mail because i am a ZNet Sustainer... it's great bit of great writing when you're feeling helpless, want to be inspired, want to feel connected with the wider sanity -- click here to find out more

:: 3:25 PM [+] ::

more 4th wisdom: When I was in highschool, people went on and on about school pride. Somehow we were supposed to be special or something just because we attended Robert E Lee High School in Tyler, Texas. There were cheers and pep rallys and fights between the schools. I never understood that back then. After all, my attendance at that school had nothing to do with my choice. It just happened that my parents chose to live in a neighborhood that was part of that district. It just made no sense to get worked up over "school pride". Well today, I sort of view nationalism that way. Every day I wake up, eat, drink, work, play, go to the restroom etc... just like every other human on this planet. What makes me a citizen of the US? Heck, my parents happened to live here when i was born, and the same for their parents. Government was created to provide for defence and to ensure the safety and well being of it's citizens. But what makes me special just because i was born in a particular location? What unmitigated gall for someone to believe they are somehow special just because of that geographic location. -- jessi, a.k.a. labrysgrl

:: 3:03 PM [+] ::

read this now: Are you pleased with the coverage of the mainstream media? The closed debates, the "spin" on the current situation? The "spin" on the environment, WTO, etc? No..?? then click here

today at the u.n.: The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) announced today that the transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) appears to have been stopped all across the globe, but cautioned that the threat of future outbreaks remains.

common dreams: Bush's America -- Public Services at Risk as US States Face Financial Crisis

brit bit: Imagine that half a dozen German women had just claimed they had been gang-raped by British soldiers who were stationed in their country on exercise. Imagine that even when the women had reported the rapes the soldiers had been allowed to fly home and the incident was never investigated. Imagine that a few months later another such incident took place.

If such accusations were being made against British soldiers by European women, and if the women's stories were backed up by hospital and police records and compelling testimony from the traumatised young women, then the media would have gone into a frenzy - demanding to know how British soldiers could go on the rampage, and why officers were covering up for them. -- more from Natasha Walter

the good news: Labour could lose the next General Election unless Tony Blair returns to "core values," some members of his own party have warned. ... The group's policy demands include public investment in the public services rather than privatisation, increasing the basic state pension and restoring the link with earnings, scrapping tuition fees and restoring student grants, and promoting employment rights. -- read more here

los animales: Who Are the Sexiest Vegetarians Alive?

Is it beautiful Brad Pitt or hunky Henry Rollins? Sensational Shania Twain or divine India.Arie? The list goes on and on. So many celebrities are kicking the meat habit that it's hard to decide who the sexiest is. After all, what's sexier than someone who exudes both passion and compassion? We know that it's no small task to narrow the list of vegetarian delights to just one celebrity vegetarian beefcake and one flesh-free femme fatale-that's why we're asking you to decide, with our third annual "Sexiest Vegetarian Alive" poll. -- read more here join peta here

tto: i voted for natalie portman and chris martin

today in bristol: Crowds line the streets of St Pauls in Bristol as the traditional carnival returns. -- see the wonderful pictures here

so far today on staten island: you probably noticed lack of wee hours posting yes i finally went to sleep before 5am was probably out by 2am of course the kids decided to be extra bad and started begging for food at 4am and then 6am still i was up before 11:30a talked to a. and my mom and have very interested kittens poking their noses in my lunch perhaps they like veggie pot pies plan today is catch up on radio shows read a bit and then get all the food in boxes for nicole to pick up tomorrow

today in kingswinford: a. was eating chocolate cake in the garden when i called because of course he must eat something with his medication he'd been watching wimbledon but hadn't really done much he had chips for lunch yum in about an hour he goes to the pub and for a curry with his friends and the foot is much better

Listening: to tomas purr noisily in my ear

countdown to flight: 10 days
countdown to bristol: 16 days
countdown to new home: 27 days (assuming we find a place in 17 days)

feed the animals everyday!: click here

next moon void of course: today until 9:20p ET (trying not to think) -- uk +5 hrs, nm/co -2

:: 1:48 PM [+] ::

:: Friday, July 04, 2003 ::
tenzin likes: fresh coconut cake

:: 11:26 PM [+] ::

helping the poor: Campaigners and activists from across the UK mobilised on Friday and Saturday 27/28th June to demand that their elected Members of Parliament and the UK Government get serious about making trade justice a reality for poor countries and the environment. -- source join oxfam

:: 10:21 PM [+] ::

getting our priorities right: To bring the full majesty of the legislative process (including the rarely used Parliament Act) to bear on this distasteful little industry [fox hunting], to engage the services of a former head of the government economic service to lead an inquiry, to use the time of highly paid civil servants to draft legislation, makes British politics look ridiculous. To be sure, a few other countries, such as Sweden, Denmark and Belgium, have bothered to ban hunting with dogs, but they do not assist America in starting wars across the world.

The two houses of parliament would do better to spend several more days debating Iraq - or Afghanistan or arms sales or schools or railways or GM foods or asylum or the decline of the English cherry or any of the other areas where government policy deserves serious questioning. If politics is the language of priorities, then our politicians have never got it so badly wrong. -- source

:: 10:01 PM [+] ::

update: here is my mother's main web site

:: 6:04 PM [+] ::

more 4th wisdom

Fellow Citizens: What to the American slave is your Fourth of July? . . . To him your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sounds of rejoicing are empty and heartless; your shouts of liberty and equality, hollow mockery; your prayers and hymns, your sermons and thanksgivings, with all your religious parade and solemnity, are to him mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, and hypocrisy – a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages. There is not a nation of the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of these United States at this very hour. -- Frederick Douglas

tto: you can never read this enough

:: 4:33 PM [+] ::

Global Warming Warning

highly respectable report

the monbiot warning i posted on tuesday

:: 4:32 PM [+] ::

do this now: Help African Cotton Farmers

Plummeting cotton prices — largely caused by heavily-subsidized US and European cotton being 'dumped' onto the world market — are threatening the livelihoods of 10 million cotton farmers in Africa.

But the cotton-growing countries of Africa are fighting back! You can support them by emailing US President Bush and asking him to end US cotton export subsidies.

today at the u.n.: The senior United Nations health official today issued an urgent call for the delivery of medical supplies to Liberia, where conflict has already spawned a sharp rise in disease rates.

common dreams: Anger Rises for Families of Troops in Iraq

brit bit: Among the brightly coloured bits of plastic at the bottom of a toy box I recently came across a little plastic doll. It was a miniature Barbie that had come free from McDonald's and in tiny writing on the back it said "Made In Vietnam". It left me wondering who'd actually won the Vietnam war. One generation endured the heaviest bombardment in history and succeeded in driving out the world's most powerful army in order that their children could be free to sit in a sweatshop making little Aryan Barbie dolls to be given out free with a Happy Meal.

Today is Independence Day in the United States, when Americans celebrate freedom from Britain. The final straw had been the enforcement of the Penal Acts, which had been passed so that 200 years later teenage boys would giggle in history lessons. If today's British government had found itself at war with the Americans it would have been very confused. "Er, right, but can we still be on the same side as you anyway?" Re-reading the Declaration of Independence makes you realise what far-sighted men those first American politicians were: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Oh, and the right to put American bases in over a hundred independent countries, organise fascist coups to install pro-American puppet regimes, stifle free trade if it's not in US economic interests and force children everywhere to watch a schmaltzy purple dinosaur called Barney." -- more from John O'Farrell

happy 4th?: The Political Freedom To Have Lucid Dreams by Rob Brezsny

To celebrate the independence of my home country, the USA, I am gleefully expressing how grateful I am for the political freedom that permits me to be a funkypagantantric freak. Thanks a million, America!

Among the many radical wonders that have been possible for me to explore here in a way I could never have done had I been born in, say, Afghanistan or Bulgaria or Uruguay, is the LUCID DREAM. In an article I wrote a few months ago, I referred to this phenomenon as one of the "Seven Unsung Wonders of the World":

"The lucid dream is the True Grail. It's an ecstatic gratification of the seemingly impossible quest to be both awake and asleep simultaneously. At the pregnant moment when your conscious mind manages, against all odds, to be born inside the dream stream, you're in the best of both worlds. All the supercharged sensations and thrillingly surreal alchemy of the astral realm are available as usual, but you can also respond to events with concentrated bursts of willpower imbued with noble intention."

Recently I discovered a beautiful statement of the relationship between the lucid dream and political freedom. It appears in the introduction to Kenneth Kelzer's excellent book, *The Sun and the Shadow: My Experiment With Lucid Dreaming.* In a gesture that makes perfect sense to me, Kelzer dedicates the book to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, John Jay, and Benjamin Franklin. He explains:

"I do not ordinarily think of statesmen and parapsychology in the same context. Yet, I [have] felt welling up inside of me a tremendous debt of gratitude to these people from our national past. I strongly realized my good fortune to have had the leisure time, the education, the professional background, and all the cultural resources that supported me in writing a book such as this, a book that may seem esoteric or farfetched to some. I realized with deep appreciation that a field of endeavor such as lucid dreaming could only come to fruition in a culture where intellectual, social, and academic freedom have been highly valued and jealously guarded for centuries. The expanded psychological freedom of the lucid dream state is an outgrowth of the freedom of our American social and political matrix."

tto: normally i really love rob brezsny's stuff but he's off base here. not only is rob lucky to be born in america, but he's also lucky to be in one of the upper classes, which allows him the freedom to pursue his dreams. not every american has this freedom. the system isn't set up to allow this. under capitalism, we need a large group people to be virtually forced into not having freedoms. the freedoms might be in the bill of rights and the constitution, but they are only fully realized by those who can afford to realize them. i am one of those lucky ones as well. it's not possible to (honestly) generalize about freedom in america.

los animales: Just in time for Fourth of July festivities, PETA's bevy of patriotic beauties is hitting the road to urge Americans to try "freedom foods"-delicious vegetarian fare that liberates animals from the plate. Wearing red-white-and-blue flag-print bikinis and buttons reading, "Go Veg," the star-spangled sexies are making stops all along the East Coast, where they hope to whet Americans' appetites for vegetarian fare by handing out fabulous, free "Not Dogs"-veggie hot dogs with a "fooled you" flavor.

As Americans celebrate their independence this Fourth of July, PETA is asking everyone to remember the billions of animals who never experience a moment of freedom on factory farms and in slaughterhouses. Animals raised for food can do nothing that is natural to them-they can never feel the grass beneath their feet or the sun on their faces. -- read more here join peta here

today in bristol: A Bristol woman who admitted stalking Ken Dodd is ordered to remain at a psychiatric hospital. -- see them here

so far today on staten island: don't feel that great today as you can imagine tomas is bathing on the couch next to me talked to amy and we've sorted out our airport plan for 15 july now i need to book the cargo van

today in kingswinford: a.'s doctor says the foot is improving he has also activated his mobile phone so that when he actually does become mobile i'll still have access to him plus we'll need it for real estate people to get back to us while we're looking for a place in bristol

Listening: to BBC Radio 2's Friday Night is Music Night

countdown to flight: 11 days
countdown to bristol: 17 days
countdown to new home: 28 days (assuming we find a place in 19 days)

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next moon void of course: Saturday 12:15a-9:20p ET (yes, it will probably be too hot to think anyway) -- uk +5 hrs, nm/co -2

:: 3:49 PM [+] ::

mystery solved?: i think the reason i can't sleep is because although i asked for decaf at dinner they must've given me caffeinated and as a. knows that's fairly disastrous ah well wasn't going to do anything today anyway thank goodness for that!

:: 6:06 AM [+] ::

early morning on staten island: can't sleep a few days ago i'd seen a website from bristol that just really really spoke to my values there was a job opening at first i was reluctant to do anything about it because i had promised myself i would take some time in bristol to try to get healthier but then i thought these people are doing such good work i should really find out what's up so i just called the contact person keith a wonderful old guy in bristol who was delighted to hear from me but advised that it was a voluntary position this is good since i did want to do volunteer work anyway and at least i can offer my skills but it wouldn't be very time consuming he asked me to call the guy currently doing it so then i called john in colchester on the other side of london and he was also quite delighted another older guy and he was quite taken with the idea i was calling from new york city and he said he looked forward to meeting me and that bristol is a great place to live and the membership is very strong there it's really really nice to already have people looking forward to meeting me in bristol!

:: 5:34 AM [+] ::

:: Thursday, July 03, 2003 ::
i hate fireworks: it sounds like a war right outside my window it's the second night in a row and we all know it's only getting started i can't imagine how it would be if it was a war and you could hear it getting closer my cats think it is a war and are having difficulty concentrating on their supper but somehow they're managing fireworks can't be good for the environment can they well rather than ask you i should really find out for myself

"The metal powders which are used to create the glorious colours of the rockets, catherine wheels and roman candles are quite bad for the environment. " -- source

:: 11:40 PM [+] ::

my dinner with amy and nick and other musings on the nighttime on staten island: had a really lovely time nick and i got in a big argument about the nature of time and how to define it but amy got really bored and annoyed with it to her it seemed like time was dragging on and we'd spent hours on the conversation to us it was if we'd only been talking for a minute or so had this particular kind of crusted calamari but can't remember what it was and a goat cheese and pepper tart a glass of pinot grigio and a decaf and a piece of coconut cake nick's treat since i gave him the lamps they ended up being quite pricey lamps :) a. will be happy to know that there were no vegetarian entrees so he wasn't missing much well one appetizer but that wouldn't have been satiating but it was the cutest place burrito bar and aesop's tables are by far the cutest places on staten island by very dissimilar aesop's tables is like a soho little cafe very charming apparently wagner takes candidates there so they think staten island is really great for cute places they didn't take a. there but that's probably because he already lived on staten island so they didn't need to sell it to him but again it's a good thing they didn't take him there or he wouldn't have been able to eat anything really the kids are mad that i haven't fed them yet but their food isn't ready yet so they'll just have to wait good news a woman in st. george has e-mailed and is willing to teach me how to knit perfection how much better can you get than that she probably even lives on my street maybe even in my building i've invited her over since i'm hibernating during the heat wave although the really bad day will be saturday when by the time i wake up it will feel like 101 because of the humidity incidentally if you have already read the next two entries then if you're interested you should check them again because they've been updated with more info from my mother she actually has a better website but it's saved as a favorite on the Mac and i can't find it by doing a search i'll update this as soon as she reads it because she's bound to give me the correct address agenda for tonight random integrity writing probably not for blog consumption and some catch up with radio shows

forgotten culled item from last night: from CHE: Book: In the Trenches With Jesus and Marx: Harry F. Ward and the Struggle for Social Justice

:: 11:23 PM [+] ::

tonight: you can check out where i'm eating tonight

:: 6:25 PM [+] ::

geoeducational background: child day care here went to kindergarten here 1-4th grades here 5th grade here then 6-8th grades here 9th grade here 10th grade here then for 11-12th grades all the way here simultaneously taking a couple of math and english classes here my b.a. in econ here a certificate here and here and here then back here for my m.a. in econ and finally a philosophy class here

:: 5:10 PM [+] ::

biogeography: i was born here because that's where the hospital was but we lived here then we moved here and then here and then here and here and eventually here then back to here then here then all the way over here then all the way over here and here then here then way over here and then back to here then here and here and then here then back to here then back to here and now am going here for a few weeks and then here hopefully for a very very long time, i mean, since there's no such thing as time, through many many many changes

:: 4:48 PM [+] ::

do this now: Tell President Bush: Don't take away overtime pay. Act now to voice your opposition to changes in federal overtime rules, which could deny overtime pay to at least 8 million people by sending a message to President George W. Bush with a copy to your senators and representative. The Bush administration is making this rollback in overtime pay without holding a single public hearing. click here to tell him

today at the u.n.: After three years of preparation and five months of intensive negotiation, the United Nations General Assembly today adopted by consensus a resolution on the prevention of armed conflict, hailed as a landmark in efforts to move the world body from a culture of reacting to crises to one of preventing them reaching critical mass.

common dreams: 'Bring Them On' Bush Says as Iraqi Attackers Prolong War

brit bit: The study published yesterday by the Future Foundation, which purported to show that feminism is outmoded and unpopular, predictably produced swathes of coverage. It's hardly worth spending time discussing the survey itself, since it was based on a few chats among a few people, but it is worth asking why so many people seem to be so keen, yet again, to dance on the grave of feminism. -- more from Natasha Walter

the good news: A humble beetle is the first animal identified to use the pattern of moonlight as a night-time compass. -- see her here

los animales: PETA has been contacted by two whistleblowers who work at a Glen Cove, Long Island, PETCO store and allege that more than 40 animals from the store died over the weekend in a gross case of neglect. -- read more here join peta here

today in bristol: A schizophrenic man who killed his father slipped through the care system because of a series of blunders, a report rules. -- read more

so far today on staten island: went to the health food store to stock up on some supplies for our hot weekend will be 94 tomorrow other than that nothing much not sure when i'm going to aesop's table tonight but within 3 hours i should think

today in kingswinford: a.'s foot is healing i'm sure you'll all be pleased to know that i will be able to post a picture of it once the film has been developed oh my there is so much to look forward to!

Listening: to the fan

countdown to flight: 12 days
countdown to bristol: 18 days
countdown to new home: 29 days (assuming we find a place in 19 days)

feed the animals everyday!: click here

next moon void of course: Saturday 12:15a-9:20p ET (yes, it will probably be too hot to think anyway) -- uk +5 hrs, nm/co -2

:: 4:28 PM [+] ::


Judging the war: The mathematics of morality
Best books chosen by Houston Baker
Best books chosen by Patty Marx
Book: Regarding the Pain of Others by Susan Sontag
Book: War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning
Book: I'm Not Scared
Book: Pesepolis (about a middle-class girl growing up in revolutionary Iran)
Beach reading: Five alternatives to Harry
Harry's social agenda: Is the spell benign?
Monogamy goes against God and Mohammed
Obit: Howard Fast--The best-selling novelist who promoted left-wing causes
Llamas on patrol
Van Gogh's mysterious moon
Wind power: Not on my Cape Cod
Mind games keep you sharp
The magic of miso
The best time for bed
Africa's apes in crisis
Post-mortem reproduction (barrel-chested wild cow)

Very Richest's Share of Income Grew Even Bigger, Data Show
Europe Snubs World's Poor
A Nation of Grinders: Neither the C.E.O. superheroes of the 90's nor their successor villains supply the capitalist face of the age. Instead, try the company man.
Friendship Envy: The real fantasy of 'Sex and the City' is all tha ttime to spend with the girls.
Authentically Offensive: History,it turns out, can be the historical novelist's own worst enemy
Book review: Reporting the Universe by E.L. Doctorow
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Savant for a Day: a radical new theory of autism, genius and the human brain
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Banned in Uzbekistan: Universities in the former Soviet republic are the focus of a crackdown on religious expression
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whole issue called society: societyguardian.co.uk
picture of a chimp
Family matters: This week, scientists claimed that chimps are so close to mankind that they should be reclassified as practically human. So should they have the same rights as us? Tim Radford reports on a debate that could help save them from extinction, while Stephen Moss visits them in 'person' at London Zoo
We have a minimum wage -- now let's set a maximum
'Writing is on the wall for fat cats'
Wages of failure: The City just voted against greed
Someone who cares: You don't have to be a middle-class empty-nester--or even a parent--to be a foster carer.

The real war heroes: The role of women in conflict is strangely undocumented. Christina Lamb on a powerful collection of photographs that protrays them as more than simply victims
A strange kind of liberation: In Um Qasr, 12 beds serve a population of 45,000

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:: Wednesday, July 02, 2003 ::
getting late on staten island: "Who gets the water? The monkey with the stick does. The unarmed monkey dies of thirst. This prehistory lesson opens the film '2001: A Space Odyssey'. Now, for the 2003 odyssey, President Bush announces a military budget of one billion dollars a day. The arms industry is the only sure investment: some arguments are irrefutable..." speak it eduardo

finished packing that box that i'll send to england was listening to moral maze on bbc radio 4 about the morality of military intervention in iran the people who agree to be on that show are brave brave people they get pretty reamed from all sides i felt particularly sorry for an iranian professor in britain who was only trying to be on the side of the people but she said we don't need your help, usa, thank you very much

tenzin is currently crashing around the apartment after a moth and tomas is ripping something up in protest of his late supper

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isn't it?: "it changes over time" is redundant, isn't it?

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integrity 020703b: this is a continuation... to read 020703a, click here

where would we be without
the song
the essay
the painting
the peace vigil
the teacher
the minister
the book
the magazine?


we'd be much further away
but me

where would the world be without

still here
and that's certainly nothing to brag about

what's my role
my place
my offer?

The Thought Offering

is it enough? absolutely not
how can i do more?

what about
the birds
the cats
the rats
the seals
the babies
the cold
the sick
the hungry
the helpless?

She sits in her air-conditioned bedroom.

May 27, 2003:

Seventeen illegal immigrants, including a mother and her baby, were found hidden behind stacks of furniture in the cargo area of a utility truck during a traffic stop early today.

The discovery comes just two weeks after 17 people were found dead in and around a trailer in Victoria, about 100 miles southwest of Houston. Two others later died after being hospitalized. They died of dehydration, hyperthermia and suffocation.


She sits in her air-conditioned bedroom.

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more good news: Age discrimination to be outlawed -- growing old gracefully

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do this now:

1. Go to www.google.com
2. Type in "weapons of mass destruction" (with or without the quotes)
3. Press "I'm Feeling Lucky".
4. Laugh (this will actually happen without trying)

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do this now: "The Apollo Project" is a 10-point plan for energy independence proposed by A HISTORIC COALITION of labor unions, environmentalists, and peace advocates. If adopted by our government it would:

* Create three million jobs
* Protect the environment
* Improve public health
* Cost $30 billion/year for 10 years (7% of the Pentagon budget)

To send a message to all the PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES urging them to support this plan, just click here

today at the u.n.: Senior United Nations officials meeting today in Geneva stressed today that with nearly 75 per cent of the world's poor living outside major urban centres, there was a real need to find ways to combat rural poverty and ensure that small communities remain vital.

common dreams: Iraq's Resistance: A New Vietnam for the White House?

brit bit: They are all at it these days. George Bush wants to "attack global poverty", Tony Blair is up for "attacking the causes of global poverty" and the remaining G8 leaders are apparently engaged in "the fight against global poverty". Meanwhile, the World Bank is "fighting grinding poverty", the World Trade Organisation is "reducing poverty on a worldwide basis", and the International Monetary Fund, bailiff to the developing world, is "actively combating world poverty".

The everyday language of radical campaigners has suddenly become the preserve of global policy-making and politics. And it's not just the patter that appears to be changing. Rich countries are falling over themselves to cough up new money for HIV/Aids relief, while institutions such as the World Bank and the IMF have undergone some collective soul-searching and the EU has even declared that its recent farm deal is good for poor countries.

But does this new-found interest in poverty really reflect a sea change in the way things are being done? Hardly - you only need to look at falling aid contributions, rising global inequality, and stalled trade negotiations mired in self-interest, to realise the great and the good are not trying too hard. -- more from Steve Tibbett

the good news: Heart attack victims at a Wiltshire hospital are being given two glasses of wine a day during their stay. -- cheers!

today in bristol: A substantial trust fund is set up to help preserve and renovate Bristol's historic Arnos Vale cemetery. -- read more

follow up to yesterday's bristol news: A website that promotes whites-only firms was removed from the internet by its host company. -- read more

so far today on staten island: so a. went to see a doctor this morning and was told it looks more like a bite and the infection is spreading up his leg peachy he's on antibiotics and has smeared honey on his foot per the doctor's instructions this is actually good news because i bet the infection will clear up rather quickly and he'll be able to drive soon can't decide what to do today we're going to have horrendously hot weather friday saturday and sunday so i plan to stay home those days in which case i really should go do something today still not in the mood for movies nor going to manhattan so i may just do errands bank post office health food store on victory we'll see

Listening: to the fan

countdown to flight: 13 days
countdown to bristol: 19 days (only if a. can drive!)
countdown to new home: 30 days

feed the animals everyday!: click here

next moon void of course: Thursday 2:06p-4:16p (will be getting ready for my big aesop's table meal) -- uk +5 hrs, nm/co -2

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the good news: He says that it may even be technically possible one day to transplant a womb into a man, and use hormone injections to allow a pregnancy to succeed. -- hmm

the bad news: Hundreds of Kenyan tribeswomen who say they were raped by UK soldiers have been granted British legal aid to sue the Ministry of Defence. They allege they were raped as a matter of routine by British troops on exercise in Kenya between 1983 and last year. -- unfortunately not unbelievable

and background music for this item can be found here

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the wee hours on staten island: just listened to the wonderful home planet this is really infuriating britain is slightly smaller than oregon britain has 59 million people oregon has 3.5 granted but the amount of wilderness preservation and the amount of aware (switched on) people is just astonishing just heard about this survey they do every january where people have to go sit in their garden for an hour on one particular day and keep a record of the number and kind of bird that comes to visit 250,000 people participated amazing and you just look at the number of organizations dealing with this stuff amazing beautiful wonderful and there are so many fantastic places in bristol that are organic and farms that you can volunteer on and i really think i'm going to be in heaven i know i know i know my father-in-law thinks i'm wearing rose-colo(u)red glasses but i do believe the things i care about will be cared about nearby and that counts for a whole lot oh yes it does a. is definitely my hero

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integrity 020703a: She felt overwhelmed by all the suffering. It was everywhere, even in a smiling face. Like the one on the Save the Children calendar hanging in her room.

"AIDS orphan"

People know about the suffering. It's not a secret. It's not as if a headline will come out one day:


And even if it did, what kind of response would it get?

"Oh, that's such a shame." If anything at all.

Why? Perhaps the readers are like her and just overwhelmed by TOO MUCH BAD NEWS. She remembers the day Autumn lunched at her apartment, gaping at the pictures of starving African children on the wall, gulping at the lyrics:

how the news had been suppressed
of a never-ending killing fest
rip the kid from the mother's breast
shrapnel thru her daddy's chest
while we're all singing glory hallelujah!
I'm talking to ya: somebody made a killing in your name
so take your power back, or take the blame (*)

"You're so real," the 20-year old said.

Real. As opposed to fake. She doesn't pretend to be stupid. She doesn't pretend to not notice. She doesn't fake ignorance.

Real. As opposed to illusionary. Frivolous. Abstract. No, she probably should never be accused of being abstract.

She tries. She really tries. To be literal.
Literal when it comes to the suffering.

So what do you call $19 for nachos and a frozen strawberry margarita and a decaf?

"Oh, come ON..."


"You can't really expect people to think about the suffering ALL THE TIME. People need a break. From thinking about all of those horrible things. Why SHOULDN'T she treat herself to that meal?"

People. Yes, because, of course, people normally DO think about suffering all the time. They just take BREAKS from it.


Such bullshit, she thinks.

* "UNITED STATES" written & produced by Theo Simon / Seize the Day

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:: Tuesday, July 01, 2003 ::
tonight on staten island: went out to adobe blues with amy and maria we had an interesting conversation about what to call your "significant other" in britain "partner" seems to be very popular with many age groups but i really can't stand that it sounds like a business partner i know that boyfriend and girlfriend are a little "immature" i guess or outdated but i don't mind them and neither does amy although she does like partner but i prefer "lover" i know it has a sex-only connotation but come on he or she IS your lover and you do LOVE them and it makes it very sexy in any case and you'll definitely turn heads

finished clearing out the tv room and of course found a pile of stuff that forgot to make it into the shippers' boxes so will mail a box to myself in england before i go by the way get ready for a new daily spot: los animales for a daily dose of animal rights activism i'll also be adding permanent static pages soon (well as soon as i get dreamweaver back on the mac)

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reflect on this: Even if everything that has come down to us about the past by report were true and known to someone, that would be nothing compared with what we do not know. -- Michel de Montaigne's On Coaches

today at the u.n.: The head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency will go to Tehran next week for talks on Iran’s nuclear programme following an agency call for environmental samplings and enhanced inspections in the face of the country’s failure to disclose certain nuclear material and activities.

common dreams: New Violence Wracks Iraq - Explosion at Mosque Kills 10

brit bit: It is old news, I admit. Two hundred and fifty-one million years old, to be precise. But the story of what happened then, which has now been told for the first time, demands our urgent attention. Its implications are more profound than anything taking place in Iraq, or Washington, or even (and I am sorry to burst your bubble) Wimbledon. Unless we understand what happened, and act upon that intelligence, prehistory may very soon repeat itself, not as tragedy, but as catastrophe. -- more from George Monbiot

the good news: An early diet of junk food makes it harder to fight off the effects of ageing, scientists have found. The discovery, by scientists at Glasgow University, applies to zebra finches but experts believe the same could apply to humans. Scientists found that birds with a low quality diet in the first two weeks of their lives developed fewer anti-ageing anti-oxidants and died sooner. -- read more

today in bristol: Shops and businesses in Bristol say they are horrified their names have been posted on a website that promotes whites-only firms. -- read more about the shock

so far today on staten island: just finished tenzin's 6th birthday party tuna galore my were they happy as soon as that can started opening i was practically attacked have set disconnection dates for electricity gas phone am attempting to do something about subscriptions did balance all our accounts and transferred money should be hearing from amy and maria soon about dinner plans need to go to the bank too to deposit my last paycheck for awhile it's not too bad outside only 82 and not very humid will knit now and listen to some radio shows

Listening: to bbc radio 2's documentary about quincy jones

countdown to flight: 14 days
countdown to bristol: 20 days (only if a. can drive!)
countdown to new home: 31 days

feed the animals everyday!: click here

next moon void of course: Thursday 2:06p-4:16p (will be getting ready for my big aesop's table meal) -- uk +5 hrs, nm/co -2

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the wee hours on staten island: who is this cute little birthday boy? it's TENZIN! he is six years old today. Let me know if you'd like to buy him a present. :) He likes tuna and live flies. ... a lot of web surfing looking for connections finished the closets tomorrow's agenda includes balancing the checkbook clearing out the tv room and probably dinner with amy and maria by the way had dairy today at the muddy cup quiche but it just made me feel sick that's what i ate before the fibroid pain started on friday friday friday that seems like such a short time ago but it's tuesday already besides there is no such thing as time only change i'm convinced even though i haven't finished that book yet hmm where is that book just went through my stuff for packing and didn't see it will probably find it in the tv room tried to write some of my book tonight but it just wasn't happening and rightly it shouldn't since the moon is void of course right now not supposed to try to do anything really and of course that explains why the knitting isn't working out tomorrow all that should be much better and perhaps i will do less knitting anyway and more research and writing since these are the optimal conditions for getting some thinking done and there's only 2 1/2 hours of radio shows luckily the forecast isn't too bad for the next 10 days not above 86 which for us is something to be awfully thankful for (i don't like ending sentences like that but what the hell)

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